The BRAVE Institute
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Our Story

BRAVE is back! And, we are in NYC! 

The BRAVE Institute, formerly known as BRAVE Girls Leadership Inc. was established July 1, 2015. During our three years of operations as BGL Inc., as well as our year of transition to The BRAVE Institute, we experienced great success in bringing our mission to life. The BRAVE Institute continues to work tirelessly to inspire and challenge humans to be brave and self-empowered contributors to a better world. 

As a team, we contributed to an increase in awareness and inspired action around topics of human rights, social justice, and feminism through the vehicles of education, mentoring, leadership development and direct service. Through a variety of programs, projects and initiatives we partnered with over 34 schools and organizations and worked with over 2,500 students. Some outstanding projects include our Service Learning Trip to the Dominican Republic, our college internship program, and the two BRAVE conference events we hosted. 

For the 2019-2020 year, we will engage several profound, and truly awesome amendments to how we bring this mission to life. This transition will serve as an opportunity to build on and add to what we already do and allow us to focus on diversifying and improving our strongest BRAVE programs, specifically BRAVE student leadership training and professional development for educators. Currently, our team is committed to enhancing the sustainability of our impact as well as to broadening our network of partnerships and participants to include even more BRAVE humans in our local and global communities. 

As we transition and grow, we are preparing to continue our thoughtful engagement in the journey of BRAVE’s development as an organization. As a team, we have developed two main goals. First, we are committed to diversifying our programming and discovering new, innovative strategies for bringing our mission to life. Second, our team will work to increase BRAVE’s visibility through a tactful and thoughtful communication plan across multiple platforms. 

The BRAVE team is committed to maintain sight of what matters most; humans and their journey of discovering and becoming their best selves. At our best and bravest, we can and will contribute even more peace and love to make our world better. Together, we will continue to learn, lead, lend and love everyday. On behalf of the entire BRAVE team, we are so grateful to all those who contributed to and supported our mission and work. We are so proud of all that we have been able to accomplish and we look forward to all of the new and wonderful obstacles ahead.

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